Google Android Still Has Momentum, Even When The Verizon iPhone Is Launched


Updated Trends: The Verizon iPhone4 launch is just around the corner, but this is not letting Android fear for its market growth, because it still has momentum of being more popular than the Apple operating system. Analysts state that even though the Verizon based iPhone will reach the market in the month of February, this will have quite less effect on the Android’s market share.
google android verizon iphone

There will be massive sales in Android based tablets and phones around the world, and this is something that will not let Google worry about the Verizon iPhone. Android today has become one of the most popular operating systems for smartphones in the world. During the third quarter of 2010 alone, Android held 25% of the market share and the Apple based operating system had only 17%.

Now Apple can’t expect a miracle overnight, because if it needs to be popular as the Android it will first need to come down the customer level, just as Google. More over the iOS’ biggest drawback is that it is featured only on Apple manufactured products and not with other phone manufacturers, just as Android which has gained the popularity of being the favourite among major smartphone makers, it will tend to grow strongly.

Source: MercuryNews