President Obama Meets Pakistan President Zardari To Discuss Terrorism And Afghanistan


Updated Trends: US President Barack Obama and Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari were having a meeting in the White House recently, and were discussing about terrorism and Afghanistan related issues. One of the most important aspects on the talks were talking about the fighting terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan in a very sophisticated manner.

obama zardari

The other topic included Afghanistan, as the US troops will exit the country very soon, so how could America have a peaceful Afghanistan was one of the subjects both presidents spoke upon. The President stressed over the US-Pakistan relation, and said that America will always be there to support Pakistan.

Zardari is in the United States these days, as he will be attending the memorial service of Richard Holbrooke, who also was an envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan. The United States is increasing its support for Pakistan by the day, and are quite happy about it, as the country is regularly funding Pakistan to fight terrorism within its country.

Source: CNN