Dioxin Contaminated Eggs From Germany Exported To UK


Updated Trends: Dioxin contaminated eggs, which originated from the poultry farms in Germany, have been exported to the UK. Dioxin is said to have first contaminated the feed of the animals at the poultry, and around 14 tonnes of this liquid food has already made its way into UK soil. The UK’s Food Standards Agency states that the dioxins will have no threat to human beings, but the eggs might have already reached the market.

dioxin contaminated eggs germany

These eggs are diluted with other non contaminated eggs from the country, from which they produce pasteurised liquid egg, which will eventually be sent to the UK from the Netherlands. After these eggs got diluted the dioxin level in the contaminated eggs fell below the level of threat.

The FSA authorities are now having talks with the industry, and have not commented about any sort of action against the contamination. These eggs will not be sold directly to the public, but they will be used in making pastries and mayonnaise in the UK.

Source: BBC