Google Maps Starts To Track Mass Animal Deaths Across The Globe


Updated Trends: Google Maps has started to do some brilliant work here, as it has begun tracking the mass animal deaths which are occurring around the world today. The event which has been described as ‘Aflockalypse’ by the Washington Post is actually scaring people around the world, as religious communities are quoting this event to be the signs of the end times.

google maps mass animal deaths

The feature will allow to keep track of the mass death of animals in different parts of the world, which is something very handy and accurate than the news sources. The following is the current data which is available on Google maps in context to the mass deaths –
100 tons of fish” dead in South America
Hundreds of snapper” perished in New Zealand
Thousands of fish” were found floating dead in the Philippines
150 tons of red tilapias” died in Thailand
Scores of dead fish” in Haiti
50-100 Jackdaws dead in Norway
Over 300 doves dead in Italy

Some people are very critical with the proportion of how the creatures are dying around the world, this something that heads them towards what the bible says. But experts have ruled this out by saying that deaths as such keep occurring throughout the year, and this is very hard for people to digest.

Source: DiscoveryNews