John Wheeler’s Death Case Deepens, Police Baffled As They Try To Find The Murderer


Updated Trends: Former Pentagon Official, John Wheeler’s death case has started to deepen as everyday passes by, for the Police officials are completely baffled as who could ever kill the former Vietnam Memorial Persona. John’s body was found in a landfill during New Year’s eve near Wilmington, and as of now there are no suspects who the police can doubt for killing John Wheeler.

john wheeler

His death news shocked everyone near and dear to him, he was a stern personality and had fought hard for the Vietnam Memorial. His views were straight forward and never turned away from his path, he adored his job. The Police state that they have not found any person who they could claim, to be behind the killing of the former Pentagon official.

The officials are also saying that he did not have any physical or mental issues, if there were any, it would be noticeable after his death. His attorney stated that when he had called up John on the 27th December, he was sounding very ‘lucid’.

Source: nypost