John Mellencamp And Meg Ryan Are Dating Each Other


Updated Trends: It is indeed a shocking revelation and also a confirmation, that Hollywood actress Meg Ryan and former Rockstar John Mellencamp are dating each other. This news has come just days after Mellencamp separated from his wife Irwin after 18 years. The news indeed shocked everyone, except Meg’s close relatives and friends.


One of the duo’s close friends has said that Meg has been liking John since a very long time, for she is quite happy and comfortable with him. The source also says that the duo already looked like an old married couple, as they were strolling together in New York, something that was unique to see.

When asked about their relation, the couple have give the media very strange and varying answers, but they are surely eyebrow raising. The media and their close friends and relatives are surely looking forward to their relationship, but there isnt any confirmation from the couple’s side. They in fact dont care what the people say about them, a source tells, they are surely in love with each other.

Source: PopEater