Blackbirds Now Found Dead In Sweden Too, What Is Exactly Happening?


    Updated Trends: It had been reported that thousands of Blackbirds were found dead in Arkansas and also in Louisiana, but now the same phenomenon has occurred in Sweden where some 50 to 100 jackdaws were reported to have been dead after falling from the sky. The incident has occurred in the region of Falköping southeast of Skövde.

    blackbirds dead in sweden

    Local veterinarians are stating that, these birds might have scared themselves to death due to the fireworks or they might have been ran over by some vehicles on the road, when the landed on the streets during the night. Reports are also coming up which say that pigeons too have been found dead in some parts of the country, this whole phenomenon is just unexplainable for now.

    Expert’s state that these Jackdaws could most probably be scared of something or someone and if they get frightened they take flight. As these birds took flight in the night all other birds too took flight and banged into objects resulting into their death. There is no proper explanation that has revealed why these birds died in such a huge number.

    Source: thelocal