Tornado Strikes Northwest Arkansas, 3 People Dead Before New Year’s Eve


Updated Trends: A tornado that struck Northwest Arkansas has left at least 3 people dead in the region just before the onset of New Year’s eve. The tornado has also left many people injured and knocked the power out of thousands on homes in the region. The three dead reports have come in from Cincinnati, and the police said that the storm made a touch down over this small community.


Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport at Highfill, has cancelled and delayed many flights in and out of the Arkansas. The region was already on its hooves to face the upcoming storm, as there was a forecast that said the gulf moisture was playing an important role because of the southwestern winds, which moved it upwards made the conditions favourable for a tornado strike.

Officials have also said the storm has also cased destruction in the town of Tontitown, and emergency responders weren’t able to reach the place due to inconvenience by the weather. It was also reported that on Friday morning in south-central Missouri, hail storms of the size of base balls showered over the region.

Source: AFP