8 Year Old Boy Of New Zealand Dies After Falling Into A Geothermal Spring


Updated Trends: In an eerie incident that took place in New Zealand, when an 8 year old boy died after being boiled alive when he fell into a geothermal pool in Kuirau Park in Rotorua. Rotura is place which is located in the North Island of the country, and is famous for its hot springs.

Kuirau_Park-Rotorua boy dies

Witness who stood watching the boy die, said that he was screaming in agony as slowly the layers of skin from his hands and head just peeled off. After he was pulled out, the authorities airlifted him to the nearest hospital, where he was declared dead, his burns he sustained were just too sever. As the boy died he was surrounded with his family, and they are in a state of shock.

As of now the authorities still do not understand how the boy managed to fall into the geothermal hot spring, as it is completely fenced off and has warning signs everywhere. The hot springs in Kuirau Park are extremely hot and can reach temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius. The authorities of the park claim that the security fences are strong and they do not have any fault in them.

Source: HeraldSun