Police men gunned down 42 year old man after seven hours of encounter


Updated Trends: A 42 year old man was shot dead, when the police came to arrest him for threatening a neighbor in West Yorkshire, UK. When the police asked Alistair Bell to surrender, he started to fire at the police men.

42 year old killed

Bell had shot one policeman on the door step as many gun men had surrounded him with machine guns. However after repeated requests to surrender Bell continued to fire at the police.

After seven long hours of encounter the police broke in to Bell’s house and shot him. Alistair later was taken to the hospital where he died. The policeman who was shot had a narrow escape because of his stab vest and had suffered only minor injuries.

According to a neighbor who had watched all the drama said that there were many police men with machine guns and the police had lit up the house like a Christmas tree. Another neighbor said that, Alistair was doing drugs and did not do anything for living and lied in the house on his own.

Sources: Mirror