Heavy Snowfall Plays Spoilsport In Many Parts Of Europe


Updated Trends: Europe is under the grip of one the worst winters ever seen, and heavy snowfall has affected transportation and day to day lives all across the continent. One of the worst affected sectors is the Aviation industry, which has been severely hit, causing problems and discomfort to many passengers. The Charles De Gaulle airport had to be evacuated due to the excess snow that had been accumulated on the terminal roof.

heavy snowfall europe

In Belgium people were asked not to drive, as there is a threat of road accidents, due to the heavy snow and slippery tarmac. There hundreds of road accidents that have been reported from Germany, making the toll rise higher as the day passes by.

Italy is experiencing flooding during the winters, something really strange to witness during this time of the year, flooding have been seen in Venice and other cities around the country. In the Netherlands, the road authorities have started to block certain roads and highways due the level of threat. Streets are becoming slippery and treacherous, and people are just unable to judge what they are heading towards.

Source: BBC