Skype resumes services after massive outage around the world


Updated Trends: Skype, the world’s leader in VOIP services, is reportedly on track after a massive outage broke the connectivity of the service worldwide. The recent outage was the worst in Skype’s seven year history, as a result of which, millions of people around the world have suffered. According to a Skype spokesperson, the main issue for the outage was the software.

Skype Down

The company has said that because of this glitch, Skype had to temporarily bring back some of its dedicated servers so that it could resume its services. The Luxenbourg based company has seen the worst outage since the year 2007. Skype’s services is one of the most unique services that one can find around, for the service allows one to make free calls from a computer to a computer and also from a PC to a phone.

Skype CEO Tony Bates wrote on the Skype blog, “I wanted to continue to update you on the status of the outage. We’ve been able to successfully stabilize Skype due to the dedicated supernodes deployed by Skype’s engineering team. We’re at roughly 90 percent of normal user volumes.”

There are approximately 17 million Skype users around the world, and out of which, 80-85% of these people use the service on a daily basis. The company has accepted that the problem was massive and the root cause was the software, but it also considered that this could possibly be a mega malicious digital attack.