Christmas celebrated on December 25 across the world


    The sweet voices of carolers fill the winter air, bright lights shine from decorative stars that adorn houses of the faithful, who in all festive cheer flocked to churches on December 25th, to bring in Christmas. With Christmas trees adorned with dainty ornaments, to the aroma of baking Christmas cakes, to the falling snow flakes and cold temperatures, and to prayers and Bible readings, the festival of Christmas was celebrated across the world.


    Christmas is a festival which sees Christians around the globe, celebrating the birth of the founder of Christianity – the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible states that Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the world, was born to the virgin Mary on Earth some 2000 years ago, and He was the gift to humanity, and the much awaited Savior of the world. Scripture states that Jesus – whose name Emmanuel means “God with us” – was born as per the prophesy in the Old Testament, and the promise made by God the Father to save the world from their sins, and become the only way to heaven.

    In commemoration of the gift to mankind, people across the world read the Gospels – which cover the birth of Jesus in detail – and enact plays to remember the day that the Lord Jesus, who was born in a manger. People also give gifts to each other, in remembrance of the gift that God gave the world.

    Christmas dinner

    In modern times, though the essence of Christmas seems to have got diluted with “Santa Claus”, Christmas dances, excessive drinking and the focus only on gifts and sweets, Christians make sure that “family-time” is not forgotten. Family lunches, and dinners, scripture -reading, caroling and gift-giving are the common features of the solemnity of the season.

    In the spirit of Christmas, let’s remember and celebrate Christmas with people who have no one else to celebrate it with, and forgive the ones who have caused us hurt and pain. Christmas is about a new beginning, so it is time to turn a new leaf.