HIV cure is a risky procedure, say experts


    Updated Trends: The latest news in the world of medical science is that a cure for HIV has been reportedly discovered by some German doctors. The news could be a ray of hope and joy for the patients who have the disease, but experts feel the cure process is too risky and will not work for everyone. An HIV positive patient in the US has said that this could not work on every patient, as they have been disappointed many a time.

    hiv cure

    Medical experts on the other hand, state that the so called cure for HIV needs more research and study and this will help the world to develop a better medicine tomorrow, rather the bone marrow transplant is just too risky. But they were positive over the fact that they have at least found a stepping stone that they will need to work on.

    The news broke out from Berlin, as an HIV positive patient had leukaemia and in the year 2007 he received a marrow transplant. As the years passed by, he is said to have recovered from the disease. But the twist was not in the patient, but rather the donor, whose marrow had a special mutation that did not allow the virus to enter the cells, and finding such donor’s itself is a painstaking task.

    Source: ABC