Scarlett Johansson says she and Ryan Reynolds were never together


Updated Trends: Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has said that she and Ryan Reynolds were never together in the first place. This revelation has shocked many media sources, especially after  the news of Scarlett and Ryan’s split that made waves a few days ago.

scarlett johansson ryan reynolds split

Sources reveal that they merely were together for only three months, and this is something that is not made for attracting public attention. They did not approach each other and say ‘We Want To Split’, but they sorted it out in a calm manner and never gave time to their relationship.

The couple had a very successful career in the past two years, and this could also be the reason that they were never able to devote much time together. Slowly things started to fall off in their relationship, and calmly they ended it. Now one should not come to a conclusion that they never tried to comeback, but they allegedly tried. Every year they took out one month to spend as much time they could with each other, but still it just did not work, say sources.

Source: EOnline