Virgin Atlantic has been approached with merger deals, says CEO Richard Brenson


Updated Trends: Virgin Atlantic’s CEO Richard Brenson has said that his airline company has been approached by other companies in an offer with merger deals. This announcement has come just a month after Virgin hired Deutsche Bank, in a move to help it in having stronger growth prospects. A spokesman from the airline said that they have been approached with good business deals as they acquired Deutsche.


The spokesperson also added that it is just too early to say anything about a deal being finalised or not. Sky News on the other hand, has said that the news about a merger could be possible, and the company could also end up shaking hands with a rival airline.

One of the clues that Sky News leaked was that Delta Airlines was an airline that had approached Virgin, in a move to merge with it. Virgin Airlines has been doing pretty well in its airline segment, and yes the company will be looking to expand its business to other countries and companies too.