Stuxnet Virus Can Be Modified To Successfully Attack US Facilities, Says Report


Updated Trends: Experts have presented their view over the infamous Stuxnet virus, and have said that worm can be modified and altered to carry out a successful attack on US facilities in the future. As of today, Stuxnet has been identified as a cyber weapon, and recently it had carried out an attack on Iran’s nuclear facility.


A report to the Congress states that the virus can be altered to carry out a broader and a larger attack on the west in the near future. This is something that has raised questions for America, to check it’s ability to protect its government and public from such an attack.

If there is a successful attack, then it can hamper the country’s public transportation, water and electricity supply and also other services on a large scale, which will cause a widespread scare. What makes matters worse, is that the virus does not travel through the internet, and thus the source cannot be detected. It travels through infected storage devices and CD’s, which even sneaks into computers who have anti-virus.

Source: CSMonitor