Moscow Riots Teaches Russia The Need For Stronger Order, Says Putin


Updated Trends: After the recent violent Moscow riots, Russia has been that there is a great need of stronger order in the country, Prime Minster Vladimir Putin commented. The riots had taken place just outside Kremlin, and the Prime Minister, during the speech, took the opportunity to speak against the Liberal critics. There were some 5000 racists who had created havoc in central Moscow, which eventually left 30 people injured.

moscow riots

On Wednesday,  a similar riot was about to take place, but law enforcement officials successfully evaded it. The violence broke out between nationalists and Muslim minorities. The PM was quite angry over the fact that the Liberalist had sent out riot police to scatter and contain the violent crowd.

The Russian Prime Minister stated, “It’s necessary to prevent extremism from all flanks, The liberal community must understand the need for maintaining order,the government exists to protect the majority’s interests”. He further added by saying that the riots reflect the need of raising the prestige of the Russian national Police.

Source: AFP