€20 Million Worth Damage Reported During Rome Riots


Updated Trends: Violent riots burst out in Rome, when new Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi won the elections by a very small margin, and reports state that it was something that the people did not expect. Gianni Alemanno, the Mayor of Rome, has said that several cars, shops and other government properties have been destroyed, as it has been accounted worth €20 million during the riots that took place on Tuesday.


Gianni Alemanno has said that he will seek damages to be compensated by all those responsible, or else he will ask the government to pay to for it. Reports state that some 100 people, along with one police officer have been hospitalized they were injured during the violence, and there were some 26 arrests as well.

What has made matters worse, is that after whole incident took place, critics are blaming the government; for they had issued military protection around the parliament during the vote count. This left the whole city without protection, which resulted in the whole situation going berserk. Except Rome, protests were also seen in Milan, Turin, Naples, Sicily, and Sardinia, but on a relatively small scale.

Source: Xinhua