Voyager 1 Spacecraft All Set To Exit The Solar System


Updated Trends: The Voyager 1 Spacecraft has become the most distant object that has been launched from earth, and now it is set to exit our solar system and enter the interstellar space. It is a milestone for NASA, as they have officially succeeded in sending an object from Earth outside our solar system. The spacecraft is exactly 17.4 billion kilometres away from its home Earth.

voyager 1 space craft

It has been 33 years today, after the spacecraft was launched from Earth, and it still has a long way to travel into space. It is not known as to where the spacecraft will be heading to, as it has no mission motives. The only mission for it is to travel through the endless realm of space.

Scientists state that they really don’t know how long it will take for the probe to reach outer space, but it could take some additional five years. The probe has gone so far that a radio message sent from earth is taking at least 16 hours to communicate one way, and this way it will be taking longer as it goes further.

Source: BBC