Vladimir Putin Lashes Against America, Russia Says Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Should Receive Nobel Peace Prize


Updated Trends: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has lashed out against America, and asked whether the arrest of Julian Assange was fair. In addition to this, Mr. Putin states “If it is full democracy, then why have they hidden Mr Assange in prison? That’s what, democracy?”

wikileaks russia

The Kremlin and other officials in the Russian government have asked non government organizations around the world to help Assange and his website, and if possible even nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize. The Wikileaks cables disclosed that the US had nicknamed Putin as the ‘Alpha Dog’ and a leader of a corrupt democracy.

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The Prime Minister was quite angry over these revelations and he lashed against America stating “Do you think the American diplomatic service is a crystal clean source of information? Do you think so?” and that they have no right to pinpoint Russian democracy.

Just like Russia, the United States has allegedly underestimated and mocked many nations within their democracy and all this has been disclosed in the Wikileaks website. Reports state that the United States went spiralling against this and tried to their level best to shut down the website.

Source: DailyMail.UK