Shrien Dewani Granted Bail By British Court


Updated Trends: Shrien Dewani, a newly wed man who has been suspected for killing his wife, has been provided bail by the British Court. Dewani has been accused of murdering his wife while they were on a honeymoon in South Africa. After the murder, news surfaced that the police suspected Shrien Dewani and pulled him in custody.

shrien dewani

Anni, 28, the wife of Dewani, was found murdered in a taxi in Cape Town, with a bullet wound in her neck. The South African police are asking for Shrien Dewani to be extradited for the hearing. According to the investigators, Shrien – a businessman – had arranged for the murder of his wife, and under such conditions he has been arrested.

For now, he has been provided bail, but has not been cleared out of the case. Reports state that Anni was found dead in the taxi of Zola Tongo, who states that Dewani had paid him to kill his wife, but Dewani on the other hand says that his taxi was attacked and that’s why he lost his wife.

Source: WashingtonPost