Julian Assange Out Of The Spotlight After Releasing Cables On Wikileaks


    Updated Trends: Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange is not to be seen frequently these days, and a he is trying to be out of the spotlight as much as he can. Since he released the US cables on his website, Julian Assange is trying to avoid being under the scanner of the media, it may be for his own safety. In addition to that he has been charged of rape and molestation, as a result there is an international warrant against him.

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    The 39 year old Australian former computer hacker released a small grainy video of himself recently which seems to be shot inside a hotel room. In addition to this he has claimed that he is the one who is behind the release of the 250000 US Embassy documents which he released from secret location in London.

    If Assange moves around too much, or even appears for a press conference, he can be arrested and would stand for trail in Sweden for molestation and rape. Assange on the other hand has dismissed these allegations against him, and states that it is crystal clear that he is being framed. The documents release has now even put his life in danger, as he had previously stated that everyone should download the files through a torrent file named ‘insurance’.

    Source: Telegraph UK