Wisconsin Hostages Released After Gunman Shoots Himself


Updated Trends: A news of relief was published when all the 24 Wisconsin hostages were safely released after the alleged gunman shot himself. The gunman was actually a 15 year old teenager who had taken 24 hostages at the Marinette High School. The hostages included 23 students and one teacher, who have now been released and are completely safe.

wisconsin hostage

The gunman did not die but has been taken by the emergency medical personnel for further treatment. For now the condition of the young boy is still not known. He had .22-caliber semi-automatic and 9 millimeter semi-automatic guns, and then he took over his own first floor classroom at around 03.00 pm on Monday. He told them that he will be communicating with the police only through the teacher.

After most of the students had gone home, the Principal, Corry Lambie, called the police at 03.48 pm, and told them that an armed student has taken a classroom hostage. Some 15 police cars arrived at the spot and law enforcement personnel were ready to enter the school.

At sometime around 07.40 pm the suspect agreed that he will release five hostages, but then at 08.03 pm, the police who were standing outside the classroom, heard three shots after which they tried to confront him but he later he shot himself. The police state that they do not have any information as of why did the incident take place.

Source: CNN