Tehran Bomb Blasts Targeted Iranian Nuclear Scientists


Updated Trends: On Monday’s twin Bomb Blasts in Tehran, the explosion has killed Iran’s top nuclear scientist and another has been severely injured. The nation’s local media at once blamed US and Israel of being behind these attacks, as they were the ones who condemned the program the most. In addition to this, the Wikileaks cables have disclosed the some Arab countries had asked the US to attack Iran because of its nuclear program.

tehran bomb blast

Iran on the other has been stating that its nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes but the west has always named it a ‘nuclear weapons program’. The wives of both the scientists have been injured in the attack and have been taken for treatment, the news termed this attack as a ‘terrorist attack’.

The nuclear scientist was identified as Fereydoon Abbasi who is a revolutionary guard as well as a professor at a University who had been involved with the defence ministry. Shahid Beheshti another nuclear scientist too was a professor at a University in Tehran and was involved in the country’s nuclear program.

Source: CSMonitor