India in commanding position against the Kiwis


Updated Trends: India in commanding position against the Kiwis

The test match between India and New Zealand in their ongoing series in India seem to be going India’s way right from the begining, New Zealand has lost crucial wickets and they are looking in a postion that will not draw them much strength to save the match. In the game of cricket nothing can be said till the last day of the test match, Its a little too early to say, but this is great news for the fans in India specially on this holy diwali week.


(Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty)

India captain Dhoni, looks great and he aims to keep India the number one test team in the world, India has proved it by defeating the best opponent they could face Australia and proved to everyone that they are the best team. The world cup around the corner only makes it better for the Indian team and their fans and supporters world wide.

The kiwi’s on the other hand look pretty out of practice and yes they do not play as much cricket as India does throughout the year, but they have some great cricketers who can turn any game on their day.

The New Zealand team has showed all through the years that they can be one team that can change the game without even the other team realizing it, they really hope that they can show their magic in this Test series in India

The India batsmen look in great form and even if the kiwis reach close to the 1st innings total, the India batsmen are ready to go out there and build a good total for the kiwis to chase. This test match is far from over and only time will tell us how