Chef Gordon Ramsay’s reputation takes yet another blow


Updated Trends: Chef Gordon Ramsay’s reputation takes yet another blow

Gordon Ramsay’s financial condition has reportedly worsened, as sources say that the celebrity chef is not even allowed to sell his £3million house to repay his debts in business.

Gordon Ramsay

The Royal Bank of Scotland took legal action against Ramsay, that prevents him from selling his property without the bank’s consent. His seven bedroom house, which is located in Wandsworth Common, South-West London; has been kept as a security measure against his business debts that count £17million.

The 43 year-old celebrity chef is experiencing the embarrassment of a lifetime, as his personal fortune was once estimated at £67million.

A forensic accountant with KPMG, Adrian Wilcocks said, “RBS, having advanced money to the Ramsay business, now wants some security. There will be various conditions attached. The house is being pushed into filling any hole that may exist.”

The “Hell’s Kitchen” host’s fate started to take a u-turn when he was allegedly accused for having seven years affair with Sarah Symonds. It was revealed in the book written by her.

The second unfortunate event occurred when it was reported that he was late for filing accounts for two consecutive years. To add on to the fire, his hot temperament when it came to women chefs, vegetarians and so on and so forth.

Now the chef is at his highest level of humiliation when he cannot do anything but watch as the things move on.

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