Book of the Dead – A journey to heaven made easy


    Updated Trends: Book of the Dead – A journey to heaven made easy

    ‘The Book of the Dead’ is a compilation of spells composed by ancient Egyptians that directly made way for the humans, to heaven, irrespective of what were their deeds when they were alive on the earth. The book was a short cut for reaching the most glorious place ever known.


    It was a belief among the ancient Egyptians, that after death, the dead cross many hurdles that included knife- wielding gods and monsters and terrifying gateways. To avoid all these scary and unnerving things, the Egyptians started developing spells which they hoped will save them after death and will directly (without any hurdle) transport them to heaven.

    The curator of the exhibition, ‘Journey Through the Afterlife: Egyptian Book of the Dead’, London, John Taylor informed, “It’s a kind of repertoire, a pool of about 200 hymns to the gods, magical spells. You could choose from these a number of texts to put onto a roll of papyrus to take with you into your tomb and that would be your passport, your guide, to the next world.”

    This Book of the Dead helped the departed souls to befriend the energy/power of the other world and also includes practical advice on how can one approach other spirits.