Lil Wayne Has Been Released From Rikers Island Prison


Updated Trends: Lil Wayne Has Been Released From Rikers Island Prison

Lil Wayne is reported to have been released from the Rikers Island Prison facility, where he has spent almost eight months of his one year sentence. In the year 2007, the “Lollipop” rapper was charged for gun possession, due to which he had to spend eight straight months in prison. The Rikers prison facility has confirmed that it has released Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne Arrest

It was in 2007,  when the rapper and his entourage performed in a show in New York City, and on their way back, the police actually pulled over his tour bus he was travelling in. After the police officials stopped his entourage, the authorities discovered a gun in possession with him, and as a result he was charged with gun possession.

Reports state that the rapper’s bus was considered suspicious after police discovered the smell of marijuana coming out of the bus, and eventually they took swift action. According to the law of New York, it is illegal to keep a gun in possession without having it registered in ones name, so as per the law, rapper Lil Wayne was charged and arrested.

His entourage and team have decided to throw the rapper a party fit for a king, to welcome him back to normal life.