10 Year Old Romanian Gypsy Girl Gives Birth To A Child In Spain


    Updated Trends: 10 Year Old Romanian Gypsy Girl Gives Birth To A Child In Spain

    In a shocking story in the field of science, a 10 year old Romanian Gypsy girl gave birth to child in Madrid, Spain. The mother of the 10 year old, seems not surprised or shocked about this incident, but said that this is a common instance in the gypsy society. Some speculations into this case state, that the father of the child is a 13 year old boy who resides in Romania, but is no longer dating this girl.
    10 year old childbirth

    The mother and daughter are living in Spain because she has separated from her husband. She also was surprised that the media was getting too much attention towards this incident, as it is a common instance in the Romanian Gypsy society. She said that according to their Gypsy customs, girls are allowed to marry to at a young age and also bear children, but the Romanian law prohibits this.

    There are speculation into this childbirth, as the 10 year old girl and her mother came to Spain three weeks back, and it was last week when she gave birth to this child. The doctors stated that the girl had a normal delivery of the child and there were no complications during childbirth.