Surfing Champion Andy Irons Dies Of Dengue Fever


Updated Trends: Surfing Champion Andy Irons Dies Of Dengue Fever

American surfing Champion Andy Irons has died due to dengue fever, as he was battling the sickness for some time now. This 32 year old, Hawaiian native had serious complications in dengue fever, which ultimately caused his death. The news of his death has shocked the whole world of Surfing and also his family.

Andy Irons Dies

Dengue fever is a sickness that has not been heard in the United States, and as a result of which his death has now become a mystery. Dengue is also considered to be one of the most dangerous diseases in the world, (not in the States) but in Africa and other countries.

The fever is usually non-fatal, and it tends to go away within a week of diagnoses, but it has been seen that a Dengue hemorrhagic fever is supposed to kill people very quickly. According to reports, it is still no known what sort of dengue Andy had and how he contacted it. Now he leaves behind his wife and an unborn son, and a very sad family to remember him.