Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month Observed In November


    Updated Trends: Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month Observed In November

    Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month is being observed by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs in the month of November. It is during this month, when all the Floridians will be urging people to observe and recognize the beginning and other vital signs of this mental disease. President Ronald Regan himself had signed the proclamation stating the first week of November to be the Alzheimer’s Disease Week.
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    But this disease has been increasing it’s death toll in the US almost by every year and as today it is considered to me a major disease, the people of Florida have decided to dedicate the month of November as Alzheimer’s Disease month.

    This disease is related to the human brain, in which human beings tend to lose their ability, think, recollect and disrupts other mandatory functions of the human body. It is a progressive sickness which destroys the brain cells and tissues, which also in an advanced stage, proves to be fatal. And as per the stats, at least five million people in the US alone are suffering from this terminal disease.