New Polio Vaccine May Eradicate Disease, According To Researchers


    Updated Trends: New Polio Vaccine May Eradicate Disease, According To Researchers

    A ninety per cent drop in polio cases has been reportedly observed, after a new polio vaccine was created. The researchers believe that the new vaccine helps tremendously in protecting children against one of the deadliest diseases in the world – polio. They say that this vaccine is much better than previous one.


    According to reports published in the journal “The Lancet,” the vaccine did a great job in India, Nigeria and Afghanistan. The researchers even believe that this new vaccine might finally help in eradicating polio from the roots.

    The trial of this research took place in India and this vaccine was compared to the old ones that are taken orally. The research was done on 830 newborn babies. In the trial, ti was found that the vaccine is almost 30 per cent more effective than any other vaccine so far. Blood samples of the babies were taken prior to vaccination as well as after it, too to measure the seroconversion- the increase in antibodies which the immune system produces against polio.

    Around the world, Pulse Polio drives are organized in order to control and eradicate the disease. The most common way of treating the disease is through oral vaccines administered to children. Several efforts to eliminate this disease are carried out by the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and The Rotary Foundation.