Windows 8 May Be Released By 2012 – Microsoft Says Very Unlikely To Happen


Updated Trends: Windows 8 May Be Released By 2012, Microsoft Says Very Unlikely To Happen

There are rumors moving around the web these days, stating that the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system will be released by the year 2012. However, Microsoft officials state this is very unlikely to happen. The news broke out when Microsoft’s dutch website quoted that the company is working on it’s latest operating system and it is mostly likely to be launched by 2012.

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft, on the other hand, has something else to state – they say that the next operating system would have features like touch recognition, facial recognition, USB 3.0, faster startup ability and many other applications that people have not even imagined.

But to make all such features possible on one operating system would require a whole new team of researchers, engineers and developers, to work on the project and for Microsoft to take such step once again would be a risky bet, as Windows 7 is working really well and has captured the tech market in ease. There were almost 240 million licensed copies of the Windows 7 sold just in the span of 1 year.

Another point to be noted is the timing of the launches of the MS operating systems. The Vista came three years before the 7, and the rumored Windows 8 too would be releasing three years after the 7. So we can conclude here that there is some credibility to the assumption of the next operating system by Microsoft, which may be in our hands by 2012. Hopefully.