Iran Begins Fueling It’s Nuclear Reactor In Bushehr


Updated Trends: Iran Begins Fueling It’s Nuclear Reactor In Bushehr

Iran has now officially begun fueling it’s first nuclear reactor, by placing the rods into the core. The Bushehr plant is expected to start producing electricity by the year 2011, and as of now, they will be working with the nuclear fuel in the reactor. Russia has taken the initiative to work on the nuclear plant in southern Iran, which includes managing the nuclear waste too.

On the other hand, Iran would be working on a separate Uranium enrichment program, which has raised brows in the western countries, but Iran has stated that the whole nuclear program itself is dedicated for peaceful use in the country. Iran is now scheduled for a four round sanction under the UN, which would provide Iran the liberty in its Nuclear Program.

The enrichment level in the Uranium fuel, is well below the level required to produce a nuclear weapon. But there are strong suspicions in the west regarding this nuclear facility, as they feel that the reactor could already be in the process of working and with Russia behind them, the plant is already active.