Mount Merapi Volcano Of Indonesia Erupts – 20 People Injured By Hot Ash


Updated Trends: Mount Merapi Volcano Of Indonesia Erupts, 20 People Injured By Hot Ash

In the latest news from Indonesia, the nation’s most volatile volcano, Mount Merapi, has erupted, and has reported to have injured some 20 people because of the hot ash. The scientists reported that the volcano was building pressure beneath the earth, and could trigger a massive eruption. Before the eruption went off, the whole mountain was rumbling and groaning with a loud sound.

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Scientist have now warned that the pressure which is being built below the earth’s surface could blow up, and would have a huge explosion which has never been seen in the region for years. The government volcanologist has stated that the mountain has started to show immense pressure from within and now they only hope that the mountain eases the pressure out slowly, or else there could be an explosion in the region that would be so huge, as it was never seen in years.

Indonesia is still assessing the earthquake which struck the island of Sumatra on Monday, as it was registered to be of a 7.7 magnitude. The earthquake had created a small tsunami in the region, because of which many people have died near the coasts. Indonesia has always been plagued with quakes and volcanic activity, because of the unusual location of the islands on the Pacific ring of fire.