Iraq Sentences Tariq Aziz To Death


Updated Trends: Iraq Sentences Tariq Aziz To Death

Iraq has officially sentenced the once international personality for the dictator Saddam Hussein, to death. Tariq Aziz sentence was passed by Iraq’s high tribunal that has judged him guilty of persecuting other Islamic parties during Saddam’s reign. Aziz was a well known face in the foreign countries and especially the UN, before the Saddam regime was put to an end.

Tariq Aziz

He rose to fame in Saddam’s politics during and after the Gulf War. The court has charged him for committing various crimes against humanity. The court even stated that the his crimes were of killing, torturing and disappearance of people.

Last year, Aziz was sentenced to 15 years in prison because of the dozens of killings that he had committed during his reign in 1992. In the year 2003, he gave himself up to the US forces in Iraq, and then he was given to the Iraqi National Guards for further inquiry.