Indonesian Volcano Mount Merapi Erupts Again On Monday


Updated Trends: Indonesia Volcano Mount Merapi Erupts Again On Monday

Indonesia’s active volcano, Mount Merapi has erupted once again on Monday causing hundreds of people to flee from the region. The explosion spewed out hot gas and debris from within the volcano, causing the hot ash plume to rise high into the sky. This is the third eruption of Mount Merapi in almost one week of chaos.

Mount Merapi

The nation of Indonesia has been lashed with tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions over the past week. The volcano has already killed some 38 people in the region, and with the eruptions continuing, the authorities hope the number does not increase. Some 69,000 villagers have already been evacuated from the villages around the mountain’s slope, but thousands have refused to leave for fear that their houses will be taken away from them.

The volcanic blasts and explosions continued for almost five minutes, which caused panic among the people. The sound of the explosion was deafening even miles away at the government camps for the evacuees. Last week, when there was no volcanic activity on the mountain, people started to return home and after the explosion on Monday, they again had to flee from their houses.