Documentary Shows Dolphins Giving Fishing Lessons To Their Young Ones


    Updated Trends: Documentary Shows Dolphins Giving Fishing Lessons To Their Young Ones

    In a startling discovery, human traits found in dolphins has been captured in a brand new BBC2 documentary film. This is the first time that these traits have been noticed, seen and captured on camera.


    The footage of the documentary shows the mother dolphin giving lessons to her newborn on hunting techniques and also lessons on self defense, so as to be saved from shark attacks. Not only this, the short film also shows the other female dolphins visiting the mother Puck and her newborn, Samu.

    BBC2 states that the footage is from the Shark Bay, the most obvious mammals research spot that lies in Western Australia. The scientists are more eager now to investigate further into the matter, as this is a new revelation.

    Janet Mann, the professor at the Georgetown University said, “I have followed Puck through her every pregnancy and birth over the last 20 years and we probably know more about Puck than any other wild dolphin.” Mann is the lead author of the study.

    She added, ‘It is very hard to capture such rare events but the film shows Samu apparently being taught how to catch smaller fish by an older calf (Samu’s niece) right at the time he was trying out his hunting skills and clearly needed help.’

    The makers of ‘The Dolphins of Shark Bay’ claim that they share the “intricacies of dolphin social life”, their hunting capabilities and their amazing intelligence.