Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Released, Could It Be A Better OS In The Smartphone Market


Updated Trends: Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Released – Could It Be A Better OS In The Smartphone Market?

The Microsoft Windows Phone 7, which comes with Windows 7 operating system, has been released by the company, and Microsoft states that this new OS would be a new step in to the smartphone arena. Microsoft has made it clear that it would be taking on the current OS’s in the market, which includes the Google Android 2.2 and the Apple iOS.


In the US, the Windows Phone 7 will be available with  Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, and the HTC Surround. This will be followed closely by HTC HD7 and the Dell Venue Pro featured by T-Mobile. One of the most attractive applications in the operating system is the Outlook Application, in which the user can scroll through his read and unread messages in an instant.

Microsoft has worked on the OS to make it as user friendly as they can. It is a new dimension that the company has worked on and they have tried to develop their presence in the smartphone market.