5 Unknown benefits of consuming guavas

Guavas is a great winter fruit that has a number of health benefits


Winter is here and it is time to warm up your body to prepare for the cold shivers, snow and winter dryness. Guava is one of the fruits that are loaded with vitamins and minerals. It dominantly contains vitamin C that helps the body to keep up with the immune system. Here we will be discussing about the unknown benefits of the winter fruit.

  1. Boosts immunity – As mentioned before, the fruit contains vitamin C that helps to strengthen the immune system. It helps to fight some of the common bacterial and fungal illness.
  2. Fiber helps to maintain digestive system  – Guava is rich in soluble fiber and the seeds have strong laxative properties. Health experts and dieticians strongly recommend to include guava in your everyday diet during the winter season especially for people who have constipation issues. The fruit aids a good bowel movement and also cleanses the intestines.
  3. Helps to prevent diabetes – This fruit has a low glycemic index that prevents the blood sugar levels to go high. Even the fiber content of the fruit ensures that the blood sugar levels remain under control.
  4. Stress reliever – Guavas contain magnesium in abundance and is vital  in relieving muscle tension. It also has anti-inflammatory properties  and helps to reduce stress from the body.
  5. Helps lose weight – People who are trying to lose weight know the importance of consuming protein which is needed for the body to have ample energy before and after working out. Guavas are a great source of protein and also help in managing thyroid metabolism. The fruit also has low sugar content and has copper in abundance. You can have this as a pre-workout snack as it will provide the body with the much needed energy  and fibre. It can also be had as a snack post workout to restore the proteins in the body.

Make sure that you stack up guavas this winter season and stay healthy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay