6 Ways to reduce the risk of Monkeypox

Monkeypox is spreading fast and it is time to remain safe and follow a few precautions


With the constant spread of monkeypox infection across the United States and other parts of the world, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has declared the disease as a public health emergency. With the constant rise in the cases, the most important thing at this point is to know about the risk level around you. Despite the circumstances, the infection continues to be rare and majority of people have a low risk. Here we will be discussing about the measures that you can take if you are in a city where monkeypox cases are rising.

  1. Stop sharing – Monkeypox virus could spread through some of the contaminated objects like bedsheets, clothing, towels and other porous material. The virus could live on the surface for a period of time and could spread to another person. It has also been recommended to stop sharing utensils or cups used by people infected with the virus.
  2. Basic hygiene – Your hands tend to touch different surfaces which makes it important to maintain hand hygiene. This is not just for monkeypox but for any infectious diseases. Additionally you can wear a mask around the infected patients.
  3. Fully clothed – Being fully clothed can be a wise thing to do. This reduces the likely hood of skin-to skin contact with someone who could be infected with the virus.
  4. Disinfect – The virus is also known as an orthopoxvirus which makes it sensitive to a number of disinfectants. Keep disinfecting areas where the infected people have spent time.
  5. Get vaccinated – Find out if you are eligible for a vaccine for monkeypox. It includes people who have been exposed to the virus  and also those who have had more than one sexual partners in the past two weeks.
  6. Remain updated – Make sure that you are aware of the situation regarding monkeypox in your surroundings. Being in contact with the local health department can help.

Photo Credits: Pixabay