4 Healthy office hours snacks

Office hours is a span when you might be tempted to gorge on unhealthy things but you might end up consuming many more calories


People who are a part of a regular 9 to 5 job often tend to lead unhealthy lifestyles due to irregular eating habits. This is mostly caused due to unhealthy snacking that they indulge in when they are hungry during office hours. These unhealthy snacks usually include trans fats and plenty of calories that provide no nutrition and only added calories. Here we will be suggesting a few healthy and filling snack ideas that are easy to carry, easy to make and would also provide you with the ample energy that you need.

1. Chick peas – Chick Peas is an excellent source of protein and is a healthy snack. It helps to manage the blood sugar levels and is also a good source of fibre that make you feel filled for a longer span. You need to soak the chick peas overnight and boil them in the morning. Add a few of your favourite dressing or can just enjoy them with some raw onions, olive oil, chopped tomatoes and a squeeze of lemon.

2. Fox nuts – Fox nuts or makhanas are also another nutritious option and are best for people who are watching their weight. They are not just low in fat but is also a great source of magnesium, potassium, thiamine and phosphorous. You need to roast fox nuts on low flame till they turn crisp. You can add your favourite flavours, like garlic powder, salt and some paprika.

3. Millet – Millet and ragi are another great source for nutrition with low calories. You can prepare mixed millets with some peanuts and vegetables like capsicum, baby corn, mushrooms and a few of your favourites.

4. Whole fruit – If you are still out of time or are in a hurry to do the above preparations, then you can just grab a whole fruit and having it when you feel hungry in between meals. It can be an apple, some grapes, water melon, mangoes or other seasoned fruits. Fruits contain ample fibre and keep you full for a longer time.

Photo Credits: Pixabay