3 Ways to show support your partner suffering from anxiety

A person who is suffering from anxiety issues needs a good and an understanding partner


Anxiety is something that is not easy to deal with. It is not just tough for the person who is suffering from it, but is also tough for the person romantically involved with the sufferer. It can be frustrating and confusing sometimes as you might not be in the position to help the person. Here we will be discussing about a few ways that can help a romantic partner to help his/her partner who suffers from anxiety issues.

1. Talk about it openly – This is something that the person should not be afraid of. The person who is suffering and the person supporting should understand that it is a normal condition that can easily be managed and that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Tel them repeatedly “We’re in this together’. These comforting words can make them feel comforted and at ease. The condition is more than just a kind of stress. If necessary, take a help of a therapist and go to the therapy sessions together that would help them feel supported and comforted.

2. Manage your reactions – Make sure that you are constantly conscious about your own reactions when your partner with anxiety is having a tough time. You could also be irritated and can also tend to take it personally. But make sure that you avoid those emotions and understand that your partner needs your support. You could also make them upset over your reactions which could be natural. Change your reactions to more empathetic ones and make them feel comforted.

3. Make them feel safe – People who suffer from anxiety, often turn insecure in the slightest things. They might also feel that they are no longer loved because of their condition. Make them feel that it is no big deal and that it can be taken care of. Keep reminding them then you are with him/her in this fight and you would try your best to some out of this soon with ease. Making them feel safe is the key.

Photo Credits: Pixabay