Russia asks help from China for conflict with Ukraine

Russia has reportedly asked for military aid from China for its current conflict with Ukraine


In an unexpected twist in the Russia’s unprovoked invasion over Ukraine, China has been called for assistance. Russia has asked China for support in its war against the European country. As per reports, the request includes military aid and equipment, but it is still not clear as to what Moscow has specifically asked for. As per an official in the United States, the request has been made Kremlin to Beijing and their primary concern is financial assistance. Reports have also claimed that Russia has also inquired about drones that could be used in the conflict.

It has been noticed that the Ukrainians have been using drones which are Turkish made TB2 drones which are effective and are being used for reconnaissance and strike. They have been effective to keep a track of the Russian ground movements. As per officials, the Ukrainians have a good inventory of drones. Meanwhile the United States is constantly in conversation with the partners and allies to get more weapons for the Ukrainians. It is almost three weeks in to the invasion but Russia has constantly fallen short in terms of progress.

Reports have also said that the Russian President Vladimir Putin had intended to seize Kyiv in the first two days of the campaign. As per the officials in the United States, there have been 5000 to 9000 casualties that have been killed in action. Given the slow advancements, Russia might be seeking help from China. Meanwhile, China in the past has made purchases from Russia and it includes fighter jets and surface-to-air missiles. Moreover, it has also participated in the training exercises in Russia with the help of the Russian equipment.

On the other hand China has denied that Russia has asked for military aid for the Ukraine war. Zhao Lijian, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that the United States is spreading false information while targeting China. Zhao also clarified that they have been playing a constrictive part by promoting peace talks.

Photo Credits: Pixabay