4 Health tricks to deal with summer season

This summer season make sure that you play it smart with your health


Not many are aware of the fact that the weather conditions also affect the overall health. As the weather changes, the body takes its own time to adapt to the situation. The temperatures have risen and the summer season is here after an endless winter. This is also the time to go out, enjoy the sun, the beaches, but at the same time, it is also important to take care of the body which might be struggling to deal with the changing weather. Here are a few tips to deal with the summer season and remain fit.

1. Eat right but light – Summer is a time when you need to consume food which is light and not fried or heavy. Instead of consuming heavy meals, you can consume small meals that have fresh vegetables and fruits with high water content like watermelon and oranges. It is also important to avoid oily and spicy foods.

2. Give yourself ample protection – The sun during the summer season tends to be very harsh and you need to make sure that your skin remains protected every time you step out in the sun. Always make sure that you apply a good sun-screen lotion to the exposed parts of the skin. You also need to make sure that you apply the sunscreen lotion at least 25 minutes before you step out in the sun.

3. Consume plenty of fluids – Fluids can include fruit juices and water, but remain careful not to consume too much of sugary drinks that can add to the calories that you consume and can also lead to an unnecessary weight gain.

4. Take ample rest –Summer says can be exhausting due to the harsh sun. Your everyday routine might also change but it is important to take ample to avoid exhaustion. Also make sure that you eat light dinner that will help in quick digestion to aid good sleep.

Photo Credits: Pixabay