6 Traits that indicate that you are a better person

There are a number of things that can indicate that you are a actually a better person than you think

better person

Life consists of a number of phases where at a point you might feel that nothing much has been achieved. But the fact is that the successes and the failures in life count as experiences. The obstacles faced teach us a different lesson every time. It can be difficult to define what a good person is, but the fact is that a very few simple traits and characters make a person a good person. Here are a few traits that can indicate that you actually are a better person.

1. You compliment others when they deserve – Not many people have this quality of complimenting others when they have actually achieved something exceptional. A good person can be happy and excited about other’s achievement as well. They also want other people to succeed in life.

2. You are thankful for a supportive family around you – Again not many people are grateful for their loving family who stand by them no matter what the situation is. Family members always shower unconditional love and offer support when many others step back.

3. Having politeness and respect – These two traits are the most important ones for being a good person. You are judged by the way you treat people irrespective of their position. Both these traits do not cost anything, but still not many people reflect them.

4. You are always honest – Honesty is something that has become rare. Many people maintain diplomacy with selfish reasons. But people who are honest mostly have people’s attention because they are always who they are.

5. Being optimistic – People who are good, tend to see the best even in the darkest situation.

6. You are mostly being generous – Generosity has also become a rare trait and it makes sense when you give away something that is close to your heart, but are aware that the other person need it the most.

Photo Credits: Pixabay