Tips to escape from falling for supermarket marketing tricks

Here are a few smart ways to shop at a supermarket while dodging you habit of overspending


Going to a supermarket might be a regular ritual for people on a monthly or a weekly basis. But not many are aware of the tricks that supermarket owners use to force the customers to buy and spend more. Here we will be discussing about a few things that you can do the smart way while shopping at a supermarket.

1. Shop during opening or closing hours – This is because, these are the times when the supermarket gets their deliveries. You can find fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning or just before the store is about to close.

2. Use a cart instead of a basket– While using a cart a customer tends to spend less when compared to a basket that makes people toss in more items like candies, snacks and cookies that add to the list of the groceries that you had come in for.

3. Opt for frozen than fresh – While many people might think that the fresh produce is healthier but that is often not the case. For instance, some of the out-of-season vegetables and fruits might have travelled a long way to reach the shelves where they are being displayed.

4. Look down for better options – The supermarket shelves are stocked in a way to keep the most expensive things in the eye level. You can bend down a little to see the more cheaper and better options.

5. Make sure you pay in cash – Paying with a debit or a credit card can make you spend more. But when you have cash, you will know your limits and will not allow you to overspend at the supermarket.

6. Shop at the perimeter – Usually, the unhealthy stuff are kept at the centre of the premises and this is where customers find it convenient to shop. The healthy stuff can be found at the perimeter of the supermarket so make sure that you search every corner.

Photo Credits: Pixabay