Ford to stop taking further orders of its Maverick

The Maverick by Ford is one of the affordable pick-up trucks the continues to remain in demand


Auto giant Ford Motor Co. has said that it has stopped taking customer orders for its pick-up vehicle Maverick. The company while talking about the reason said that it has no more means to produce. The Maverick is an affordable option in the pick-up segment. The demand for the affordable car has gone up at times when the prices of auto have hot record figures. Even its availability has put the dealerships under pressure.

Ford communicated towards the dealers that it will be suspending the orders for the Maverick pickup truck for the reason that it is already facing a strain to fill a backlog. It has also assured that the company would resume taking orders for the 2023 Maverick during summer 2022. The details are as per the memo that has been issued to the dealers. Dean Stoneley, the general manager at Ford trucks said that they did not want to take more orders that they can build.

Stoneley added that they are getting customers who would have bought a used car but are now buying the Maverick because it comes at an affordable price tag. The price of the Maverick begins from $20,000 amidst a time when the prices of the cars have hit the sky while the auto makers are offering only a few entry-level choices for the customers. Even before the pandemic had started, the supply chain issues had already started leading to high prices of the cars.

To make things worse for the auto industry, the recent computer chip shortage has left the dealers and manufacturers struggling. Due to this, the shoppers are struggling more than before to get their own set of new wheels. Due to the chip shortage, the dealers are struggling to maintain certain kinds of vehicles in their inventory. The Maverick was rolled out in 2021 and was known as a more-manageable alternative when compared to the bigger pick-ups. It has managed to attract a number of first-time truck buyers.

Photo Credits: Pixabay