6 Things that you need to toss off the refrigerator

There are certain things that you need to be quick to toss off the refrigerator at home


The refrigerator is an essential appliance found in every household and works the best to store extra food or certain perishable ingredients like milk or other dairy products. There are many other things that we tend to store in the refrigerator, but not many take care to toss out things out of the appliance that are no longer consumable. Here is a list of foods that you need to toss out of the fridge when the right time comes.

1. Foods that are kept without a lid – Foods that are kept in the refrigerator without a lid can make you sick. The appliance works like big food dehydrator and anything that is exposed to the air will quickly get dehydrated and would also take away all its flavor and nutrition.

2. Molded berries or vegetables – Fruits and vegetables kept over a long time could get molded due to frozen moisture. You can surly pick up a few of them that are causing the trouble retain the rest.

3. Highly perishable foods – There are some of the highly perishable foods that could have been left for a longer time than you could. These include milk, yoghurt and other dairy products that have a very short shelf life. Make sure that you dispose them after the date.

4. Clams – Clams are also counted in highly perishable foods and should be disposed after a few days. You can perform a safety check by disposing those that are cracked or broken.

5. Salad dressing made at home – salad dressing that is made at home is different from the store brought version. The home made one is natural and does not have any preservatives so it is wise to dispose it off as it will not have a long shelf life.

6. Cooked Meat that is more than three days old – Meat that has been prepared more than three days back should be disposed. It could lead to an upset stomach or other food-borne illness.

Photo Credits: Pixabay